A Great Collection of Salsa Dance Videos...

Posted on about 10 years ago

The wonderful (possibly future co-host) Julie sent me these videos, and I found them to be inspirational. It is of course a biased list since you have some of my favorite-styled dancers there.

Here you have Magna and Adolfo social dancing at a Salsa Congress to "Para Ochun y Yemaya" by Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon.


Here are two great dancers: Burju (Hacha y Machete) and Milton Cobo (Cobo Brothers) social dancing in the San Francisco Salsa Congress. They are both known for having incredible body movement, and while the video is short, it is still sweet.


One of the favorite videos in this set. This is my favorite couples to watch dance. This is Hacha y Machete (Victor and Burju) Freestyling at the UK Salsa Congress. Of course, I've never asked the question to Victor or Burju on who is the Hacha and who is the Machete out of them both.


And of course, finally - for something a little faster - is the other Cobo Brother, James Cobo dancing at the UK Congress showing the pattern he taught (or just freestyling).


Cobo Brothers Turn Pattern @ UK Congress 2007

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