Contra La Corriente by Marc Anthony

Posted on over 6 years ago

After several years, while listening to salsa music, my iTunes shuffle mode was kind enough to bring up a very classic song "Contra La Corriente" by Marc Anthony. This song, and album, was definitely one of the things that got me truly addicted to salsa music. After I had started dancing salsa for a few months in Ames, Iowa, I remember playing this album over gazillion times in my dorm room in college at Iowa State University - which was a stark contrast to the Alternative/Rock music every other person played in their room.

Since it brought so many salsa memories, I thought I'd recommend it to new salsa enthusiasts that may not know this famous song or album. I think it was this album that really defined Marc Anthony as a great salsa artist.

Here is a video of Marc Anthony performing Live the song. I'm not sure why he's dressed like Neo from "The Matrix".

(via: @Persaudified)

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