Dancing With The Stars Season Finale

Posted on almost 10 years ago

This is an exciting week in dance competitions! Not only will Addicted2Salsa contest finalists be chosen (last minute entries accepted until midnight tonight!), Dancing With The Stars narrows down to the very last couple as well. Anthony and I have not only followed the show this season, we got the chance to attend a recording of one of the shows. It was an exciting experience to see the behind the scenes action, and watch the dancers up close. The dance moves were even more impressive in person, as were the costumes, make-up and tans. We watched Kristi, Marissa, Cristin, Jason and Shannon dance their way to the top. Since then, Shannon and Marissa have been eliminated, but this week the winner will be decided! Check out the season finale tonight (Monday), 8/7c and Tuesday 9/8c for the results show on abc. The only stars remaining are Kristi-the Olympic champion figure skater, Cristin-the international film star, and Jason-NFL man of the year: who is your favorite dancer? Let us know in the forums!

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