Fania in Africa - Mi Gente (An oldie but goodie!)

I found this really great video of a concert the great Hector Lavoe did in Africa! Out of all places, I didn't even know Hector Lavoe did a tour in Africa. I guess salsa is popular everywhere! This video features his live performance in Africa which if you watch the video, Ray Barretto and Roberto Roena have appearances with their instruments! (Of course, Hector "La Voz"'s instrument is his voice). If you want to download some of Hector Songs, they are available on myspace for free (please remember to save the files as .mp3) <ol><li>Juana Pena </li> <li> Periodico de Ayer </li> <li> El Todopoderoso </li> <li> Todo Tiene Su Final </li> <li> Abuelita</li> </ol>