Got Salsa? : How many salsa songs do you have...?

Posted on about 11 years ago

Anthony's Salsa Song CountSo, to have a little interesting research/contest/experiment - I was wondering how many salsa songs people might have in their library. We all collect salsa songs over the years, and of course our tastes change. So, you can use the forums to post the count of your library (if you use iTunes, this knowing this amount is very easy).

This is my song count for PURE SALSA songs (no cha-cha, bachata..etc..) only salsa songs: It says I have 1410 songs, (about 4.5 days or 108 hours of straight salsa when you add up the time). How much do you have? (you can use imageshack @ to host your images for free and post them here. Then you can take the link and post it on the forums here .

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