Hector and Tito Puente... (yes, and another video..)

Now, I know what you are saying… 'another Hector Lavoe video???'. Well,… I really don't care.. ;-) The only thing more exciting than listening to Hector Lavoe's music are dancing with ladies who can do multiple spins on a dime. (cough..cough.. I'm single.. ). Anyway, this is a great video - it has Hector Lavoe with Tito Puente. And he sings a lot of his different songs, not just one…. I think this used to be some old variety show on spanish TV in Puerto Rico… and look at how the ladies scream for him…. who would have thought that a guy looking like that, would be loved by the ladies… I guess there is hope for salsa geeks like me…. so I guess thats my cheap excuse of showing off the video.https://www.youtube.com/v/2BWo5soeHgcAnd to prove that "La Banda" was not originally by S.H.O. - this is 1987https://www.youtube.com/v/1ClcKUhqopI