Music Review - Bag Pipes + Salsa = Magic!

So, its been a while, but since I now have finally (some) money and time - I wanted to start my favorite section: The Music Review. So, it used to be that every month I would showcase my favorite band of the month - but due to me writing my thesis, moving to San Diego and lots of other stuff - I had slipped. But nevertheless, its back with my first review of one of my new favorite bands: Salsa Celtica.

Now this is some 'FRESH' salsa. Now, I tell you, I first thought this was going to be weird. Celtic music with salsa? But, man - I was COMPLETELY wrong. I learned of this band at the Palm Springs Salsa congress. This has become one of my favorite styles of salsa, and they may become a favorite band. I don't know if its salsa, but they mixed the bag pipes with salsa very well. I was very impressed on how they made a not-so-cool instrument (BAG PIPES!) seem like you want to learn how to play it.

My Favorite Songs are:

  1. "Sol De La Noche" (top pick - cha cha),
  2. "Luna Celosa"
  3. "Maestro"
  4. "Pa'l Rumberos"
  5. "Ya Llego"

"Ya Llego" was the song that I heard at the Palm Springs salsa congress. These songs are spread between the two albums they have. I will be reviewing this band in my next audio podcast because I thought to start September with the Monthly Music Review section now that I have time.