Salsa Tip #225 : 'Cause this is (Salsa) thriller... thriller night!

Salsa Halloween PartiesNow, Halloween is coming up, and there are a lot of Halloween Salsa parties this weekend. I thought I might touch on a kind-of-salsa type of subject that might also be used for other events where the event usually takes into account having a specific costume (which assumes it is more than your regular salsa gear). I will assume that while you would be wearing a halloween costume, and that you actually plan to dance at these parties (not just sit around with your costume). With this in mind, these are my tips for helping you choose the correct 'outfit' so you can have a good time on the dancefloor (and less people get injured).<h2>Minimize the wearing of possible projectiles</h2>Now, I think this one is for mainly the ladies, but it can apply to gentlement too. Sometimes, most costumes will have parts that maybe dangling of your side, on your feet, maybe on your head, or it can be a witche's hair. Whatever it is, try and not have items that if you spin, will cause to spin with you that might act like a heavy whip and hit someone on the dancefloor (or potentially the follow or lead). I have also seen situations where the object might strike your lead and then go flying off across the floor. Additionally, if you have a pony tail, you might want to make the length of the pony tail shorter so that if you do multiple spins (fast), the pony tail will not stretch longer than the length of your head to one of your shoulders. That way, its easier for the guy to concentrate on dancing, while not worrying about getting hit with pony tails in his eyes (trust me - it happens). I've even been hit by sexy cat tails (which I didn't mind… ;-) ).<h2>Salsa Thriller NightMinimize the body paint on your hands or forearms.</h2>This sometimes seems like common sense, but sometimes we forget (or you plan to enter a contest while you are at the party). Now, I didn't say "don't" wear any - because it depends on the type. You will be dancing, and you will be sweating. What you might not want to happen is for that body makeup to be rubbing off on the leads hands and possibly all of HIS costume. If you do wear the body paint stuff, try to get the type that doesn't rub off easily or 'waterproof' - in order to have some collateral damage control. I've seen women start out as pretty princesses, and by the end of the night look like one of those sad clown faces with tears in them.<h2>Wear flexible clothing and change your style.</h2>In some cases, you can determine what type of material you can wear for your costume. You should wear something breatheable and flexible so you can still dance without worrying too much about your outfit (especially if the ladies wear something too sexy that.. well.. might cause something to rip or 'pop-out'). Additionally, as a LEAD, you will be dancing with different ladies with different outfits. You should understand that you want to be simple, and easy and change what combinations you use for the different ladies depending on the costume. #1 rule is let the lady have fun. #2 rule is not to damage anything thats not yours.<h2>Bring your regular clothes with you (just in case).</h2>In some cases, people bring costumes for a specific competition. You might want to bring your regular dance clothes for after the costume competition, so you can just switch back to your regular clothes and have a much more relaxed time (without the obstruction of a complicated costume).And now, just because I like the way one of my favorite dancers moves, here is from that unquestionable great halloween music video of all time: Thriller, by Michael Jackson (which is funny it was one of the first Vinyl records I ever heard - yes, I grew up in the era of Vinyl…. I'm that old). I really admire zombies that wear dance shoes to kill people .