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Pocket Salsa now available for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Have a friend or family member that you'd like to give them some salsa lessons? Why not a copy of our salsa dancing video lessons for their mobile device! Now they can watch and learn over 100 salsa dance moves, going from beginner to advanced, where ever they are! This will help them get on that salsa dance floor quickly and with confidence.It makes a great gift for the any occasion!

The most viewed salsa dance video on YouTube

Playing around with YouTube (like always), I decided to search for salsa videos. Now, this time it was interesting because I was lazy and ended up typing just 'salsa' in the search box. Then, after getting some results, I asked myself: What is the most viewed salsa video on youtube. Well it was quickly answered, a video named "". Salsa 21? What is that. After clicking on it, I was very proud to know that it is one of San Diego's finest instructor, dancer and professional DJ : Mr. Iran Castillo. In this video, he shows you a quick and simple 'Son y Pasos' style pattern for you to use at the club. With more than 675,000 views, I present once again, Iran from the San Diego dance group 'Son y Pasos'.

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