Salsa Dancing at the Los Angeles Salsa Congress 2007

  • Episode : 27
  • Published: May 31 2007
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

After taking the rest of the video and editing it, I am happy to start off a new series (that hopefully will continue). I had watched a DVD called "2005 A Year in Mamboland", and I decided to use it as inspiration on how to show all the nice video clips of social dancing at the 2007 West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles California.

I title this series: A Weekend in Salsa. I like the name because that usually when most of us go out for salsa during the week. Additionally, that is when most of the salsa congress events occur. Now, I have no real background in directing/production/editing so I did my best for my first shot. This is mainly for you guys to enjoy the dancing that goes on a salsa congresses during the night events. Again, please enjoy!

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