Titanic Options (pun intended)

Posted on about 10 years ago

Titanic Options (pun intended) Salsa Dance Video

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming! After such a long time we are back with a new season of the addicted2salsa.com video dance podcast! First, we’d like to go on record that we are the first salsa podcast to be shot in High-Definition (hope it shows up on Wikipedia), so you can clearly see our footwork either on your iPhone/iPod or big screen TV. Second, this is our first podcast that we dance On2 as well as On1. Last, but not least - I’d like to introduce you to our new co-host Julie Merrill. Today we will go over a few options on how to get out of a salsa titanic move. Enjoy! The song used in the episode is “Philadelphia Mambo” by Los Gatos (originally by Tito Puente)

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