Find the Salsa Beat Practice Soundtrack

  • Episode : 41
  • Published: Feb 16 2009
  • Difficulty: Beginner

I am very happy to have found out that interest in learning to dance on2 (NY/PR) timing has started becoming very popular on To help everyone become more familiar with the clave and the VERY important conga slap, I have edited the original salsa clave track I created in Garageband for Episode 25 : Finding the Salsa Beat and modified it for an easier learning experience. This should help everyone make it part of their daily schedule to play the track at least 3 times a day while they do some other task.

Doing this will allow your brain to sink-in that clave beat and rhythm subconsciously - so that it starts becoming easily recognizable by your ears.At first, I recommend forget about the clave when listening to the soundtrack first. Focus on the 'tu-ku (small pause) PA!' sound first. That 'PA' sound are your 2's and 6's when dancing on2.

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