America's Got Talent: Junior and Emily bring Salsa Dance to TV

Will salsa dancing finally rise from the underground to hit mainstream television? Shows like Dancing with the stars and So You Think You Can Dance have been on the rise, but even in these popular dance shows, salsa gets a brief cameo at best. So what, or who, would it take for salsa dancing to arrive to our TV screens in mainstream media?

Junior and Emily Alibi, ESPN Salsa champions, might just make this possible. They have made it through preliminary rounds and wowed millions on NBC's reality show America's Got Talent. They are not the first dance act in the show's history, but they certainly are the first salsa dancers, and they have gotten to the wild card position. What does this mean? It means that they are now in competition with 8 other acts for a spot on the final round of the show. Tune in Friday, September 3rd to see if they got the spot!This is very exciting for all the salseros and salseras out there, to see one of our favorite dance couples on a popular TV show, and Junior and Emily are certainly a deserving couple. Having trained with them personally, I am absolutely amazed at the amount of talent they have. They have a bright future, and thanks to them the community at large will be more aware of the hobby that has become a passion and even lifestyle for many of us. Go Junior and Emily!