Gatorade Ad with Serena Williams and Serena Cuevas

Our friends over at RitmoBello have posted a video of one of our favorite local San Diego salsa dancers and her commercial with Serena Williams for the "Everyday Athlete" campaign from Gatorade G2. Gatorade and Serena Williams were looking to find an athlete named 'Serena' (for 'Serena' Williams) for their new promotional ad. Serena Cuevas was chosen as the winner by a panel consisting of representatives from Shape magazine, Gatorade G2, and ReRe. Our salsera won the contest and is now on national TV spreading the message that dance is a tough sport that also requires high levels of electrolytes - G2-baby!!!!.We are extremely excited for Serena Cuevas and thank her for the awareness that salsa dancing will get, due to her contribution. She is definitely one of the brightest rising stars in the San Diego salsa scene, and has come a long way to take dancing to a much larger stage. Serena grew up having the desire ('deseo') to be a dancer, but was sidetracked by a horrific accident when she was 17-years old. According to her, doctors told her she would never dance again, but Serena fought through that obstacle and built her own highly acclaimed dance company, Deseo Dance, as well as rising to compete in national and international salsa dance competitions.