Learn Musicality for Latin Dancing

Here at Addicted2Salsa, we try (when we can) to contribute salsa news, videos and information that can hopefully improve your overall salsa dancing and social lifestyle. We are glad to see many others sharing their passion and enthusiasm for salsa dancing and music on the internet. This weekend I found a good blog that DJDoubleC posted in our social site: the very recent Salsa-Musicality blog .

I was very enthusiastic and impressed with the wealth of information that this author has posted. From his description, he wanted to become a better dancer by learning how to play the instrument, probably because it helps people find the salsa dance beat:

"I know about Salsa, Percussion, and how to mix the two! Here are my thoughts and findings related to salsa, salsa dancing, percussion, and musicality. After spending years and years looking like "just another gringo!", I decided to learn how to dance properly. How did I do it? I learned percussion, and then it all just "clicked"!" - Salsa Musicality Blog

The author takes care in teaching you a few basics on reading music and timing for instruments with visuals. I find this an excellent beginner resource for those wanting to dive deeper into the structure of salsa music. I hope that he continues to share his knowledge with us so that everyone in the world salsa community benefits. Here are a few of the articles that I really enjoyed and are must read by ALL salsa dancers:

  1. Musical Notation (great starter for absolute beginners)
  2. How different instruments affect you
  3. Different types of Latin Music
  4. How to play the Mambo Cowbell

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