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Learn to Play Solo Percussion in Salsa Music

Regardless of whether you understand whats going on (or even how this video of a DVD tries to show you how to perform good percussion solos) - just listening to the solos are great! For those who dance On1 - , listen very carefully to the music here (because the clave and rhythm is isolated for you to hear). This is really what we (On2) dancers use in the music to dance to. You might say it sounds like cha-cha - are correct, but you dance Cha-Cha On2, and the same instrumental fundamentals of clave apply to Salsa/Mambo. That's why, people who dance salsa on2 can easily dance cha-cha correctly (and vice-versa) because all you are doing is replacing the pause with a cha-cha-cha step. There is no cha-cha On1 - it doesn't make sense because the cha-cha-cha happens on 4-and-5 and 8-and-1 in the music (just listen to it) - meaning your break happens on 2-3 and 6-7... just like in.... Salsa on2 :-).

Angel and Tulane @ Cielo - Performance

Well, to keep showcasing some of the interesting performance you see at special events, here is another salsa dance group from San Diego, CA (from the "A Time To Dance Studio" (see 'sponsored links' above to check them out) it is Angel and Tulane doing their performance that was recorded in the Onyx Room (yes, this was a while ago, but I just found someone who took a video of it). If you ever happen to be in the San Diego area, they are some good instructors to check out as well.

Live At The Palladium : Ray Barretto

You just got to love old salsa video clips. They are just facinating to watch and to know of how were the old days of salsa (Golden Age). Also, you get to see some of your favorite artists perform their songs in their prime. Here we have the famous Ray Barretto (you should memorize that name by now) playing at the super famous Palladium concert/dancehall. The Palladium Ballroom (for those new to the salsa culture) was in New York City which is accredited of spreading the Mambo craze in the 1950's here in the United States. This is because immigrants from Puerto Rico began moving to the US (New York City) at the end of World War II. Of course, MOST of you should know about the Palladium because of the famous show called "I Love Lucy" where Desi Arnaz (the husband in the show) used to perform regularly. Also, if you have ever seen the movie "Mambo Kings", thats where they filmed most of the shots.Anyways, enjoy this performance and the song!

Proof : You are never too old to dance salsa!

You are never too old to dance salsa. Somehow, just dancing in general keeps you young - and here is proof. Found this great video of an fun 76 year old couple from London, England dancing at a salsa at a bar. I can imagine myself when I'm old (with my future wife) dancing salsa at a club - and watching the next generation of salseros take over. I wonder if addicted2salsa will still be alive by then? haha. Only time will tell.

The Joys of Spinning.... an age-old question.

I always wonder why is it that follows love spinning so much? (Which I guess could answer why they love dancing so too). I have danced as a follow (yes, contrary to popular belief :-) ) and I understand why its so much fun to be a follow when dancing - you don't really have to think , just follow and enjoy the ride. Does that sound simple? Well, it kind of is, when you compare it with being a lead in salsa. The only thing I can think that might come close to feeling the part of multiple spins (haven't been spun multiple times by a lead) is to relate it to something else. I'm thinking of the teacups at DisneyLand. Of course, this is unconfirmed until I become an amazing spinner and have a good enough of a leader to spin me multiple times - but until then - I can only dream. Maybe some ladies out there might voice their opinions.

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