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Top 10 behaviors for guys to avoid at the clubs (and not be creepy)

Top 10 behaviors for guys to avoid at the clubs (and not be creepy)

For all of the guys out there wondering what goes through the minds of salseras (or women in general), I sat down with some fellow lady dancers and discussed behaviors that guys should avoid at the club. In any dance culture, there is a certain unspoken etiquette. For those who are new to salsa dancing, these tips may come in handy so that you don't give the wrong vibe. 1. We don't endorse the use of force. Ask the lady to dance with you, don't tell her she is going to dance with you. Grabbing her wrist and urging, "Come on. Just one song" does not fly. If she declines, the best reaction is to acknowledge her choice and walk away. No verbal persuasion, cajoling or physical dragging should be utilized - especially when her boyfriend is around. If she gives the bathroom excuse, do not wait for her outside the bathroom- that is just plain creepy. 2. Ask her twice, she'll turn to ice. You can ask twice in one night, but not one right after the other. When a song has ended, it is best not to ask her to dance right away. Even if you both seemed to have fun, give it some time and leave her wanting more... that is much better than risking her wanting to push you away. 3. Yakkity Yak? We won't come back. Leave the chatting to Cathy! Keep talking to a minimum- exchanging names and where you are from at the beginning of the song is fine, but what the ladies don't like is when guys sacrifice the dance itself, and end up doing basic step the whole song while chatting. This comes across as hitting on us.

The Cross Body Lead 360

In this episode of Addicted2Salsa, we go back to the basics to help you learn how to do a 180 Cross-Body Lead with a Turn (*sometimes referred to as the 360).

Inspiration for the future Salsa Spinners of the World

This is a great video of amazingly smooth spins by Danielle (Luv2Spin) dancing at Tequila Ranch Salsa Sundays at the Hard Rock Cafe (I think it's in Miami). This video makes it easy to see good spotting technique and balance since the song they are dancing to is slow. Spinning is not just for girls, Carlos in the video does a triple underarm spin.

Julie and John Dancing at SF Salsa Congress 2008

Someone just posted a video of Julie and John dancing at the social in the San Francisco Salsa Congress. Thank you for video taping! We love social dancing videos!

San Francisco 2008 Jack and Jill Masters Finals

Orlando, David Stein (Majesty In Motion), Emily Alabi (Amicitia) and Anya (NYC) were tied for first place in the Jack and Jill Finals in San Francisco. The way to break the tie was to have the girls dance together and the guys dance together. I find the mens video funny since it just makes fun of the girl-on-girl video. Enjoy!

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