Salsa music for beginners

I know it has been a while that we have really talked about music, so I decided to add more music related stories and resources on our website. I was asked a while back ago to a list more salsa songs that people could download. I was also asked, specifically, to what I actually like to listen to. I decided to do both.

Below, I have made links to the songs in iTunes from my current favorite playlist. If you don't know my style just yet, I'm a fan of classic orquestra style danceable songs. I think these songs are great and if you will probably hear them at a good salsa club (if the DJ knows his latin music).

Now, I know not everyone may like some of the songs I recommend here. You might have to remember that I take into account, the rhythm changes, the instrument solos, the singer and the lyrics (I know Spanish). So, just because a song might be slow, it does not mean it is not a good song. Some of the best songs are made by powerful lyrics which help with the rhythm become a great danceable song. If you would like to recommend a song, use the forums and provide feedback on what artists you like for others to listen to.

Title Artist
No Value La Pena Johnny Rivera y Ray Sepulveda
Loco De Amor Jerry Rivera
Como el Morivi Raphy Levitt
Indestructible Ray Barretto
Payaso Andy Montañez
El Negro Bembón Los Hijos De Los Célebres
El Temblor Orquesta La Palabra
Me Dejo en el Aire El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
Todo Se Derrumbo Dentro de Mi Studio Musicians
Todo Tiene Su Final Hector Lavoe
Lluvia Johnny Rivera
Yo Me Quedo Tony Vega
Aguzate Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz