Salsa Music : Salsa at Starbucks (Coffee)

This morning (because I'm running late to work), I decided to stop by at Starbucks coffee to grab some simple breakfast and coffee. To my surprise, I walked in and I started listening to salsa music. I ask myself: "Salsa at Starbucks?". Of course the second question was: "Wow, this is real salsa music not that fake stuff they play on cruises..". After asking some questions to the employees (who always seem very happy), I find out that they are selling a new salsa music CD called "Salsa Explosion The Sound of Fania Records ". So, I looked at the cover and the list of songs, and I was impressed. It is a very good selection of songs (all from FANIA Records). So, for the almost everyday question I get emailed on where I could find salsa music - be surprised: Salsa at Starbucks. If you are just getting started or not - it has a good selection of salsa/mambo style dance music that is worth the price. The best part of it is, they have a website where you can sample some of the songs for that CD. Just check it out here .