Salsa Technicals : Salsa Sound Effects (and other explosions...)

I like watching performances of salsa songs. Its interesting to see the interpretation of music by my favorite dancers with some very good chosen songs. However, there are some performances where they might have great choregraphy, but they use remix various songs (which is not bad) but then they add the inevitable sound-effects of bombs and explosions that seem like it was put together by the Department of Homeland Security of performances and choreography.

I guess I feel that what they try and do is fit their desired choreography into the music - which then require them to change the salsa music. However, I believe a performance is about choosing the song and interpreting and use the accents ALREADY in the songs for your body movements (no need to add extra). The choregraphy should be created from the song, not the song chosen based on a choreography. Music should be first.Now, in the following clips, I want to pay attention to the different. One uses sound effects for their accents and the other uses the accents already in the song for the choreography. I just want to make sure you understand - they are both great dancers!.