Salsa Technicals: Simplicity in Movement

Again, the master of movement. Now, this video was submitted in the video clips section - and usually I don't post information about it here, unless its important. You can see how easily he moves through all the SIMPLE patterns. I had received an email 2 days ago about a guy just starting to learn salsa and wanting to do complicated patterns (Mayan style) in order to show people that he knew how to salsa. But the fact is - it is NOT about complicated patterns - it is about being a good dancer. What do I mean by a good dancer? Let me reiterate for the 1000 time:- Be smooth in your motions. Better to do a simple pattern well, than a complicated one horribly.- Take good care of your follow. She must get through the pattern before you do.- Let your pattern have fun. The more the follow has fun, the more you will be looked at as a great dancer.- Add flavor to your step. Adding simple body motions and arm styling helps show that you are comfortable with what you are doing and can really shake it (in a smooth way).- Ladies love to spin. Be a good lead to help them perform double and triple turns. Spin, spin, spin - smoothly.There is a lot more that goes into it but those are the biggest ones that I need to keep reiterating to everyone who is starting off. IT TOOK ME YEARS TO REALIZE THIS, so I'm helping cut the red-tape.One last thing for the ladies that I'd like to point out in this video - this lady is an amazing spinner (and with Milton even more). At around time 55sec (or -2:10) - she starts spinning. You might say 'whooptee-do'. But the amazing part is that she speeds up in the middle of her spinning. The fact in spinning is that your fastest spin is your first one because it provides you the momentum you need for the rest. It is hard to increase your speed in the middle of spinning - WITHOUT throwing you off balance and staying in control of your timing. Simply amazing!