Salsa Tip #407 : Water or (Propel) in the Car

If you are lucky enough to go to a salsa nightclub that has free water - than you are good. Drinking plenty of water at salsa event is a must - more than you think. Sometimes we forget that with all the patters, footwork and body movements we put into every 5 minute song - its really a tough workout for the body. We end up loosing a lot of water (through sweat) during one salsa night - especially if the nightclub is packed.Now, in the cases where the water is not free (and they are charging an exorbitant amount of money for a itty-bitty bottle) - its good to sometimes bring (sneak) in your own water (if allowed). Now, first of all - I prefer Propel water because it feels more satisfying after I drink it compared to regular water (which seems to just go through my system pretty quick without providing any effects). So, I end up trying to put 1 bottle in my dance shoe as I bring those shoes to the club (its hard to tell its in there). However, in the cases where I can't really bring my dance shoes (or I'm already wearing them) - I end up keeping bottles of Propel in the trunk of my car. So whenever I am really thirsty and need some replenishment (and don't want to pay $3-$4 per bottle) - I just step outside (while getting some fresh air to cool off) and go to my car and drink a couple of bottles). It is sometimes pretty funny because since some of us have the whole 24-pack in the trunk - we all go to the parking lot and just hang around the car drinking bottles of water and chatting before going back in.Anyways, going back to the main tip - I suggest if you can to bring your own bottle of water at a salsa event. Sometimes either the water runs out or the prices are too high. In another case, you should always keep some water in your car for when you really need it (or even after a hard night at a salsa club). Drinking lots of fluids after an event can help relieve any muscle stress you might have in the morning.