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Salsa Cubana - A cuban style look at salsa

Now I found this interesting video on youtube that I really like a lot. We usually talk about Salsa/Mambo NY style salsa on most of these articles, and I thought it might be nice to show a good clip on how other salsa styles look like. Now, I have posted some videos previously on how cuban rueda salsa looks like - however this video is a better representation on how the Cuban-Salsa style partnering dynamic works. Most of the dance is very circular in comparison to regular salsa which is a slot-dance. Additionally the cuban-style of salsa integrates a lot of Casino rueda aspects as well as some cumbia aspects (specifically the back-to-back step). Anyways, since I'm in LA for the congress, I'll keep this article short - so enjoy the video:

2006 Casino Rueda Competition Champions

While, I'm not a big fan of dancing Rueda - not that its bad, I just like giving one lady my full attending during a dance - it is pretty fun to watch. Rueda is more of a group event where everyone has fun because you end up switching partners frequently while someone decides the move to call-out. From a competition/performance perspective it is also amazing to watch because its really a formation-change based performance, and if you ever tried choreographing anything in salsa with more than 5 couples dancing - it is very hard to keep everyone synchronized. When you watch this video, keep in mind that they are moving around the floor, doing complicated formation changes while still being in sync with one another - thats the real beautiful part. Here is the 2006 Rueda champions performed in the heat stages of the Bailar Casino Competition in awesome fashion, led by Yanek!

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