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Coldplay - Clocks Salsa Music Remix

An oldie, but still goodie that I found in my salsa collection that some of our new fans of Coldplay and salsa alike may not know about. An anonymous author took the famous Coldplay song "Clocks" and remixed it with a salsa beat to give it a more latin rhythm feel. Listen to it and tell us what you think?

Learn Cha Cha Dancing for Beginners!

This video Cha Cha lesson of Addicted2Salsa will teach you the basics of Latin style cha cha dancing. We will go over the basic step of Cha Cha dance for beginners and instruct you with basic dance partnering.

If they only had one of these for Cha-Cha...

I've always liked dance-stepping-like games, such as Dance-Dance-Revolution (DDR) or Pump-It-Up, because not only are they fun, but they are a gateway drug game to real dancing. During my early days of salsa, I used to play DDR endlessly hoping to improve my footwork speed (yes, it did help!). I only wish they would have had more Latin soundtracks, such as Cha-Cha, which makes it great to practice steps and isolations at one's home. I love watching great dancers play these games to see their creativity.

Cha-Cha social dancing in Puerto Rico Congress

While answering a few basic cha-cha dance questions in the forums, I found a great video that helped illustrate how you can lead different styled cross-body leads in cha-cha (where you can skip the cha-cha step).

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