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Complete Guide to Salsa Dancing for Beginners

If you have ever wanted to learn how to dance salsa, this salsa dance lesson video is the place to start. This video will take you from the basics steps of salsa to knowing how to do right turns, cross body leads with turns and the famous 180 move. Enjoy!

Cola Spin Salsa Dance Move

Here is a quick salsa dance move for those who have been waiting for some new salsa dance videos from us and are excited for National Dance Day 2012, but haven't gotten Pocket Salsa yet. We call it the 'Cola Spin' salsa move which comes out of basically a 'coca-cola' like move, with some tai-chi/chuck-norris action into a free spin. Enjoy!

Snapalicious Salsa Dance Lesson

Learn salsa dance steps and moves for free! In this salsa dancing lesson we show you how to perform the salsa dance moves we call the 'snapalicious'. For more free salsa dance lessons and salsa dance videos, please visit our website: . You can also follow us on Facebook @ or on YouTube

Aprender a Bailar Salsa - Pasos Avanzados

Pasos avanzados para aprender salsa. Para ms videos de salsa, vayan a Este video de salsa les enseara como bailar los pasos mas avanzados de salsa en estilo de lnea cual es conocido como estilo de salsa de Nueva York or de Puerto Rico. En este episodio les esearemos los pasos de salsa en el conteo de uno que son fciles para principiantes. Esta movida la llamamos el reverse titanic. Facebook: .

Learn Advanced Salsa - Lock 'n Load Combo

This salsa dance video lesson we teach you the "Lock and Load" salsa dance combination. It is an advanced move, and therefore we will be teaching it in On2 timing. For more videos, visit

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