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Snapalicious Salsa Dance Lesson

Learn salsa dance steps and moves for free! In this salsa dancing lesson we show you how to perform the salsa dance moves we call the 'snapalicious'. For more free salsa dance lessons and salsa dance videos, please visit our website: . You can also follow us on Facebook @ or on YouTube

The Cross Body Lead 360

In this episode of Addicted2Salsa, we go back to the basics to help you learn how to do a 180 Cross-Body Lead with a Turn (*sometimes referred to as the 360).

How to Recession Proof your Salsa Lifestyle

Kelly Rice over at Ritmo Bello wrote an article providing 5 tips on how to dance on a budget during tough economic times. While I leave it to you to check out her article for the details, she mentions: taking group classes, getting involved with the community, practicing everywhere, watching others dance and setting up a trade agreement (bartering).Here in San Diego, on average, a group class costs around $10-$13 and cover costs for a club are $8-$10. If you then add the micro-expenses related to salsa (gasoline, bar drinks (water), clothing and an extra shower a day, etc) - it adds up very quick if you go out dancing several times a week.Knowing that fewer students are able to spend that much in salsa dance classes, paying for gas, parking and cover costs at the club, I decided to add my two cents to help you 'recession proof' your salsa lifestyle. While I am not an economist or financial adviser, here is my list of ways to help your salsa lifestyle while on a budget.

How to Dance Advanced Salsa Turn Patterns

How to Dance Advanced Salsa Turn Patterns

Well, after getting great feedback from all of you, here it is - a more complicated salsa pattern. It is a very long pattern, so take it in strides and small bites. We have named the individual moves to help you piece the entire salsa combination together. Now, because it is Valentine's Day (soon) - you can have something to practice with that special someone :-) .Enjoy and if you have questions, please ask it at our forums !

Salsa Dancing Steps for Beginners

Salsa Dancing Steps for Beginners

So, here we are again with a simple salsa dancing move for you to mix it in to your other moves. Remember, it is not about having multiple long combos, but about putting smaller ones together in different orders.That will keep your moves fresh and keep the ladies guessing what you will do next. Additionally, for those who are thinking about on2, I make a small note for you to pay attention to the counting rhythm when performing the move. Enjoy!

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