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Quick Salsa Styling Tips for Ladies

Quick Salsa Styling Tips for Ladies

If anyone out there is wondering, "what can I do to improve that doesn't involve the natural process of getting good over time," I have some answers for you. Using body movements, you can improve how you look when you dance simply by remembering these easy tips.

How to dance like a professional : Dance Tips for Leaders

How to dance like a professional : Dance Tips for Leaders

Imagine yourself in that salsa club for the first time: the music is loud, upbeat and with great energy and everyone is dressed in a fashionable way. As you walk in, you approach the dance floor. Here is when you are truly introduced to the world of salsa. You stare at the dancers as you see dancing, executing all these amazing turns; how they dance with passion, the sexiness, and then again, the turns! The never-ending, fun turn!!Sound like your experience? It was definitely mine, so right away I knew I had to learn how to dance.Once I started dancing, the better I saw myself dancing, the more I noticed that some girls did not enjoy dancing with me or theyd just flat out say no every time I asked them to dance. Why? After all I was doing all the turns and dips, the sexy patterns, the fun stuff - you know, the works.It was after some time that I truly learned what makes a guy a great dancer: When you dance salsa, you dont make the girl do the turns, you guide her. This observation alone is very general, but it opens the door to help you understand dancing in a new way. Leading is the key to being a great dancer. Lets dive in to see how you can improve the way you play your role on the dance floor as a leader.Here are my tips:

Top 5 Tips to Learn Salsa Dancing on Your Own

Most articles, forums, and videos emphasize these two ways to learn: in class and at the club. Yet there is so much more that you can do on your own to become a better dancer- no floor or partner necessary. Here are 5 tips to help you learn Salsa on your own, which will help you improve at a MUCH faster rate.1. MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE MIRROR- Practice body rolls against a wall or mirror, focusing on 'peeling yourself off of the wall'. For a downward roll, start with your head and follow with your chest, stomach, hips, and knees. For an upward roll, come back up with your knees, hips, stomach, chest and finally head. This will give you the muscle memory, and muscles in general, to do great body rolls while dancing.

How to do Salsa Dips: the way the ladies like it

How to do Salsa Dips: the way the ladies like it

Since we have had several requests lately for instruction on dips, I though I would provide some female perspective. I asked some fellow salseras, and this is what I found.Our favorite kind of dip is a small one at the end of a song. By small, I mean the guys bring us into dipping position and we lean back slightly, but it looks more like a perpendicular hug, as seen in the picture to the left. This is an elegant ending to a nice dance.Our least favorite kind of dip ........

Take the lead (or follow?)

One of my favorite things to see when I'm out social dancing or watching a performance is a woman who can lead or a guy who can follow. I think there's a bit of pride, maybe a bit of machismo and a bit of apprehension when it comes to changing the traditional lead and follow roles and I think that's really a shame.

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