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How to Improve Your Spins in Dancing

In this episode, we will provide you with three great ways to improve your salsa dance spins. While most of them tend to be 'known' to most intermediate dancers, we have noticed it does not get addressed soon enough to early beginners. Here are the summary of items this episode will cover: Frame and Position Dance Prep Spotting

The Spin-Olympics at the DC Salsa Congress

The 2008 Beijing Olympics may be over, but the salseros at the 2008 DC Salsa Congress had a lot of fun in an after party testing who would be the better spinner.

Top 5 Tips to Learn Salsa Dancing on Your Own

Most articles, forums, and videos emphasize these two ways to learn: in class and at the club. Yet there is so much more that you can do on your own to become a better dancer- no floor or partner necessary. Here are 5 tips to help you learn Salsa on your own, which will help you improve at a MUCH faster rate.1. MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE MIRROR- Practice body rolls against a wall or mirror, focusing on 'peeling yourself off of the wall'. For a downward roll, start with your head and follow with your chest, stomach, hips, and knees. For an upward roll, come back up with your knees, hips, stomach, chest and finally head. This will give you the muscle memory, and muscles in general, to do great body rolls while dancing.

The Key Ingredients to Smooth Salsa Dance Spins

The Key Ingredients to Smooth Salsa Dance Spins

What makes salsa dancing so great for the ladies? Is it the beautiful styling which includes beautiful arms, isolations, and body rolls? Yes, styling is fun to do but that also can be found in many dances such as tango, flamenco, jazz. Can it be the ability to spin endlessly? The answer is yes. The great quality of dancing in salsa is doing multiple spins. This may be an opinionated answer, but there are many great female dancers which capture how spins can be one of the best aspects of salsa dancing. Here we will provide a few tips on how to improve your spins.

Basic Salsa Steps Table : Map On1 to On2 timing steps

Here is a useful table to help convert dancing salsa dancing On1 timing to On2 timing and its variants.

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