The future of Addicted2Salsa

Around seven years ago, I started addicted2salsa as a way to share salsa dance lessons to help anyone learn to dance salsa where salsa lessons, instructors or clubs may not have been available. This was the case for me going to college in Ames, Iowa, USA. This was a time before YouTube and Facebookbecame known. A time before people learned what the term 'podcast' meant. An even longer time beforemobile phoneswould let you access content from anywhere in the world. The world has dramatically changed in the last seven years. What once started as a small hobby in my spare time, has grown to one of the largest salsa lifestyle brands in the world; while still only being run by two individuals.However, these past few months have been extremely hard when balancing my day job as a Senior Software Engineer in the tech industry, then working on addicted2salsa in my spare time, while still having time left to enjoy life or perform the general errands that everyone else in life needs to get done to keep life moving.I have always believed that life is too short to not do what you love. Given the positive support from all of you over the years,I have decided to take a leap of faith and work only on addicted2salsa full-time in hopes that together we can make a larger impact in the salsa world for the generations to come.None of us is as strong as all of us. I ask that you continue to show us the same support you have provided us over the years, so that you and I together can make the difference. We have some exciting things planned for everyone in the future. But until then, I'll see you on the dance floor.