"The Salsa Revolution" Documentary

You just have to admire what PBS does for the community and the public. I was excited to find out, through a Facebook ad (who would've thought), that PBS will be having a documentary about history and culture of Latin Music in the USA.

Not only will they air the documentary episodes on TV, but they are making them available for viewing online through the PBS.org website starting October 13, 2009. Their first chapter will focus on the birth of what is called 'Boogaloo' and how it ties to the "The Salsa Revolution" in chapter 2. They plan to go through some of the history of Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe and the growth of Fania Records during this episode. Fania Records was the record label started by the famous Johnny Pacheco, that helped salsa music acquire a taste in the United States. I recommend everyone to check out their preview and site since they have a lot of content including salsa music, bonus videos and interviews.