Top 5 Salsa Songs for Beginners that aren't boring!

When we are learning to dance, whether as a beginner or more advanced learning a new move, it is nice to have simpler songs to dance to. For me, it is easier to dance to songs with marked percussion, and that are slightly slower. It is a great exercise even for the most advance to practice to really slow songs to ensure that you can master every movement. Here is a list of some of my favorite songs to practice to, that are also fun songs (we love our counting songs, but sometimes you just need real music. Enjoy!

  1. Joey Pastrana - Rumbn Meln
  2. Chivirico Dvila - Rico Guaguanco
  3. Frankie Morales - Nieve con Sal
  4. Gilberto Santa Rosa - Perdoname
  5. Joe Arroyo - Yamulemau