Songs at the Salsa Night Club

Download : Songs at the Salsa Night Club

Going out to salsa dance clubs is always a discovery experience as you encounter new salsa music that you could potentially add to your collection. But how do you find the name of a salsa song that a DJ has played - especially if you don't quite know the language or Shazam doesn't quite work right?

I ended up going to a club weeks ago and hearing a song that I really liked. However, finding the song took a little longer than normal (yes, even for me). So, with that information in mind, I decided to share with you some of the techniques that I use to find the salsa song I am looking for.

I tried to make this salsa music episode a little more interactive, so we'll see how you like it. However, one note of caution - I was taking a few too many pain killers due to the injury from last week - which is never a good thing when you have me rambling on about salsa!

Cheat Sheet
Song Name Artist
Omelenko (Silencio) Larry Harlow
Vamonos de Rumba Johnny Rivera y Conjunto Clásico
Para Ochun Héctor Lavoe
Devorame Otra Vez Lalo Rodriguez
Don Anastacio Javier Vazquez
La Cartera Larry Harlow
Son Para Un Sonero Quinto Mayor
(No Hints!) Roberto Roena y Su Apollo Sound