The Classic Salsa Dance Songs (Music)

Download : The Classic Salsa Dance Songs (Music)

We explore the music genre in this episode of Addicted2Salsa as our first music podcast episode. We will explore some of the classic salsa songs, why we like them and what makes them great - and why you we recommend you should listen to them as well.

Since this is our first audio podcast, we are still figuring out our technical limitations on equipment - so please be patient as we work out the kinks. Your feedback is always useful to make the content better.

Song Name Artist
Devorame Otra Vez Lalo Rodriguez
Todo Tiene Su Final / Barrunto Hector Lavoe
Idilio / La Mugra Willie Colon
Pa' Bravo Yo Justo Betancourt
Medely Frankie Ruiz
Payaso Andy Montañez
La Muerte / Me Libere El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
Agúzate Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz