Salsa Technicals : The different salsa styles in different situations.

Now, I should also add someone's dance-style (even yours) is a fluid concept. It changes over the years as you become better, more controlled with your muscles and find new inspirations in the salsa scene. However, additionally, it is interesting to note that some salsa dancers exhibit different salsa styles in different situations. Some social dancers may have a specific and different dance-style when they perform on stage compared to social dancing. Others might have one that is different for when they are competing. There are no pros/cons for this - its just a fact. I have known prefer their salsa inspirations in their performance style than in their social style. Others, may dislike their salsa inspirations during their performance, but love their social ability. Its really up to the viewer.Here are two clips of Frankie Martinez. One is for a competition (where they won 1st place - very fast choreography with Yesenia Peralta) and the other is him dancing socially. Of course, these clips are years apart, but its to show you that your salsa dance-style is a fluid concept that is continually changing.