Salsa Cruise 2006 : Jack n' Jill Contest

Well, I've never gone to any salsa cruise before - but this sounds like a lot of fun. Who knows, maybe I'll save up for one. I found this really neat video of a Jack n' Jill contest at the what is called 'All-Star Salsa Cruise'. Now, thinking of a salsa cruise - a vacation, of everyday salsa, with people who really love salsa, with a great live bands to dance with every single night (in addition to all the food you can stuff yourself with) - seems like a dream. And by watching this video, I see some of the great dancers that show up and I think its just amazing. I wonder if they do workshops? - then it would be like a salsa congress at sea. (except the higher probability of motion sickness..) :-)By the way, and I know someone is going to ask for this - the song being played is by Tommy Olivencia (yes, he sounds like Frankie Ruiz), called "Plante Bandera" Tommy Olivencia