El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico live @ The Salsa Congress Puerto Rico

Well, here is my favorite salsa band.. and if you haven't known from the million of times I've mentioned them - they are El Gran Combo the Puerto Rico. This is probably one of the best videos I've seen of the band, specifically with the good sound quality. Here they are performing at the Puerto Rico salsa congress - the song: Matrimonio - which means 'marriage'. If you have never seen this band live, you are missing out! They are the best performers I've seen, a lot of fun to watch their dance choreography (its simple, but fun).Also, their lyrics are metaphorical, high truthful and hilarious - and specifically how they mix the lyrics as instrument sounds. Example, in marriage - people fight, and the spanish sound for fighting is pan-pun-pin (it sounds like throwing punches)…. and well, thats the sound of the of they conga/rhythm in this song - thats why you hear them say 'PAN-PUN-PIN-…PIN-PUN-PAN'). Of course, this is just the truth about most relationships - but the lyrics is are funny because they are also truthful. Its like standup comedy.