Junior and Emily in 'Lord of the Spin'

Ok, now these are the cream of the crop of dancers. These are the famous Junior and Emily salsa dancers. This brother and sister duo are the winners on 2 of the 4th anuual San Francisco International Salsa Competition in 2005. I saw them perform at the PS Congress as well, and they are also excellent instructors - and man, SHE CAN SPIN. Other than Serena from Majesty In Motion, and Magna from Mambotribe, I think Emily is probably the best spinner - hands down. Its one of those videos, where if you weren't there to see them live, man, the video doesn't even do it justice - but a lot of fun to watch. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who can do multiple spins on a dime.Also, I think the dip at the end of the performance is my favorite dip ever!