The Cure (La Cura) by Frankie Ruiz - Lyrics

Considers one of the great salsa singers of the 80's and 90s, while battling with AIDS throughout his life. But, even though the inspiration could have come from that, he's more of a romantic guy - so he probably is talking about the love of his life.

Frankie's lyrics are amazing and his music style is unmatched - not saying he's the best, but his "Sensual Salsa Style" is the best, hands down - of course, I'm subjective. My favorite lyrics are: 'La cura resulta mas mala que la enfermedad', which roughly translates to English as "The remedy ends up being worse than the illness".

So how can you interpret this? Well one romantic way, just think about relationships after a break-up - where the remedy is to basically try to forget the person and everything you ever had with them, in order to move one (whereas, the illness would be to actually be in that relationship that wasn't quite working out, but you still loved them).

On a salsa dancing note, if you watch their dancing in the video - Frankie Ruiz dances On2 (look at the footwork timing.