Learn to Play Salsa Piano with YouTube

I know it is much more difficult to learn through a YouTube video. However, if youtube salsa videos can help your dancing, I am sure salsa piano videos would help as well for you musicians out there.I get several video responses to our salsa dancing podcast episodes on YouTube. While I do get ads for 'lessons', I did find one in particular that was very interesting especially for people who are very much addicted to salsa and musicians. After finding this and many other videos - I have now made part of my addicted2salsa hobby. Hopefully there are enough salseros that are musicians that like to see these videos.Here is a musician playing with his keyboard with a track of Desnudate Mujer ("Lady, Undress yourself"), by Frankie Ruiz.https://youtube.com/watch?v=UaI2fabYW4kA youtube user named 'latinpianist' has a youtube series to teach you how to play certain melodies on the piano. This next video shows him how to do a 'Son Montuno' with the piano.https://youtube.com/watch?v=QUSwhZn_VkQAnd finally, someone is someone advertising 'salsa piano lessons' through YouTube. I cannot vouch for this product, however I would like you to view the video to see him perform some slick riffs on the piano.https://youtube.com/watch?v=oZR3Fn4XsIwIf you are more interested in percussion, you may like these: Salsa Percussion. You can also get started using our free music tracks.