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Salsa music for beginners

I know it has been a while that we have really talked about music, so I decided to add more music related stories and resources on our website. I was asked a while back ago to a list more salsa songs that people could download. I was also asked, specifically, to what I actually like to listen to. I decided to do both.

Salsa Dance : Getting out of two-handed hand dance holds

Well, say this three times fast! "Double-handed, hand holds". So it might be easy.. but sometimes we get stuck in weird hand positions. Here is another episode of the Addicted2Salsa Podcast! Today we go over a couple of slick ways of getting out of two-handed holds in combos.

Procrastination is the Enemy of a Great Dancer!

Procrastination is the Enemy of a Great Dancer!

Practice, Practice, Practice - at home and at the club! The only way to get better is through practice - the 10,000 hours theory.

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