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Salsa Cubana - A cuban style look at salsa

Now I found this interesting video on youtube that I really like a lot. We usually talk about Salsa/Mambo NY style salsa on most of these articles, and I thought it might be nice to show a good clip on how other salsa styles look like. Now, I have posted some videos previously on how cuban rueda salsa looks like - however this video is a better representation on how the Cuban-Salsa style partnering dynamic works. Most of the dance is very circular in comparison to regular salsa which is a slot-dance. Additionally the cuban-style of salsa integrates a lot of Casino rueda aspects as well as some cumbia aspects (specifically the back-to-back step). Anyways, since I'm in LA for the congress, I'll keep this article short - so enjoy the video:

Salsa Music : Salsa at Starbucks (Coffee)

This morning (because I'm running late to work), I decided to stop by at Starbucks coffee to grab some simple breakfast and coffee. To my surprise, I walked in and I started listening to salsa music. I ask myself: "Salsa at Starbucks?". Of course the second question was: "Wow, this is real salsa music not that fake stuff they play on cruises..". After asking some questions to the employees (who always seem very happy), I find out that they are selling a new salsa music CD called "Salsa Explosion The Sound of Fania Records ". So, I looked at the cover and the list of songs, and I was impressed. It is a very good selection of songs (all from FANIA Records). So, for the almost everyday question I get emailed on where I could find salsa music - be surprised: Salsa at Starbucks. If you are just getting started or not - it has a good selection of salsa/mambo style dance music that is worth the price. The best part of it is, they have a website where you can sample some of the songs for that CD. Just check it out here .

Juan Matos dancing with Burju and Peralta

Found another great performance by another pair of great dancers. This is Yesenia Peralta (a great dancer to learn ladies' styling ) and of course Juan Matos. This is a performance for the Mediterranean Salsa Congress a while back ago. In the second video, it seems to be the same performance (with the same song) except with Bruju from Hacha y Machete dancing with Juan Matos at the Puerto Rican Salsa Congress. Can you spot the difference in style? (It is a subtle one). They both are great, but it is interesting to have two videos of the same song, same performance and with the same lead dancer (even though the second video seems to have a more 'recent' Juan Matos).

Now for some Ladies' Salsa Styling...

I get asked a lot about putting more ladies styling videos. So, here we go. Instead of posting regular social dancing videos, I searched for good 'workshop' clips for ladies' styling. Now, with that stated, the best way to learn styling is to really just sit down and pick your favorite dancers and just watch them dance. Analyze every second and count in the music with every body motion. Take a video that you like and replay it - over and over.. and over again... You should try and break down all the details and nuances of why you enjoy a particular styling.

Eddie Torres Dancers - Tribute to Tito Puente

Well, at some point in your salsa lifetime you will hear something about Eddie Torres dancers. I'm here to give you a taste of that background. For those who didn't know, Eddie Torres was the instructor who popularized On2 (the mambo-style On2) in New York. Additionally, he added a lot of more different styles (like pachanga) to his style of salsa. In this video you will see some older Eddie Torres dancers shaking everything they have. Now, why do I say 'older'? Well, because for some statistical and magical reason, most of Eddie Torres' performers now a days wear less clothing.

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