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Salsa Congress Masters - salsa improv at its best!

This is a set of clips of the San Francisco 2006 Salsa Congress Jack and Jill Masters competition. Some of the best salsa dancers in the world came are here and showed us why they are the best. All this dancing is improvised! No smoke and mirrors here! I think the most interesting thing to see is how everyone has their own style, and they are all great and fun to watch and enjoy! Culmination of salsa styles!

Salsa Improv : Tamara and John (SF2006 Jack and Jill Finals)

This is the final dance by Tamara (from Tito and Tamara) and John (from Salsamania) at the San Francisco Salsa Congress 2006 Jack and Jill Masters competition. This is ALL IMPROVISED! Awesome salseros! ... (more) For those who do not know what a Jack and Jill competition is, it is where you don't know who your partner will be (because they mix up the follows and leaders).. and because of that, the dancing is completely on the spot improvised, especially if the two of you have never danced before.

Salsa Improv : Liz and Junior (SF2006 Jack and Jill Finals)

Here is part of the final dance of the San Francisco Salsa Congres 2006 Jack and Jill Masters competition. This is Junior (from Junior and Emily) and Liz (from Salsamania) doing completely improvised dancing for the crowd! Again, in a Jack and Jill competition you do not know before hand who your dance partner will be, so that is why all this dancing is improvised.

And the Award of He-Man goes to....

Now, this video does not have salsa in it - just to warn those expecting it. However, this performance was done at the San Francisco salsa congress 2006, and to tell you the truth - it was one of the craziest performances I've ever seen. This guy is [email protected]!#$% He-man! To tell you the truth, when he came out with that outfit on the stage.. I was like, ok.. this might not be good. I was completely BLOWN away and I'm glad someone took a video of a video (which trust me it does not do any justice having it seen LIVE). Anyway, enjoy! Here is Dave Paris & Zoie!

Frankie Martinez - another perspective (literally)

I'd like to thank Patrick for submitting this video. Even though it was taken in a nightshot fashion, the perspective is very good so you can see the footwork style of Frankie Martinez dancing salsa. Its good to note that his fast/slippery footwork does not affect his height or his lead.

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