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Puerto Rican Power @ Chicago Salsa Congress 2007

Well, for those who missed the great salsa congress in Chicago this year (2007) - and this includes me, here is a cool clip of the famous band called Puerto Rican Power that performed in one of the nights at the congress. If you are a fan of Puerto Rican Power's music, well I hope you went because its always MUCH better listening to them (and dancing) when they play their music live. Its amazing!

The Cobo Body Movement

I'd like to thank Josh for the clip. This is from the 2007 Chicago Salsa Congress. I'm a big fan of the Cobo brothers and their body movement style. It was actually Milton Cobo that got me thinking about smoothing out my salsa patterns and footwork - and as you can see, the footwork that he teaches here is very simple, but with a lot of upper body movement. Again, I recommend any chance you have to take one of their classes. Enjoy!

Some key attributes of being a great Salsa DJs / VJ

Some key attributes of being a great Salsa DJs / VJ

Since we've all been to a few parties by now; there are some things we begin to notice that determine how good a time we will get for our money. This post just deals with characteristics of great DJs. These are just three things that I think great DJs always do at salsa dances.

Majesty In Motion Professional Team - Triangle Routine

This is probably one of my favorite routines to watch (and no I'm not being biased because this is the dance company I belong to) :-). This is the Majesty In Motion Professional Dance Team (San Diego, CA) - probably one of the best dance companies southern California. This is routine (codenamed: Triangle routine) has a great song that might not seem like a salsa song, but it does have a clave beat to it, and it works well with the outfits and the marks in the choreography. This video is of the routine being performed at the LA Salsa Congress (also known as the West Coast Salsa Congress). Enjoy! MajestyInMotion celebrated their 4th anniversary in Nov. 2006.

Showcasing the Best of Iowa - SalsaIowa Professional Team

Well, now to showcase some of the best talent that the state of Iowa has, here is the SalsaIowa Professional Dance Team ( performance at the Governor's Inaugural Ball 2007. Its good to see how the talent in Iowa has grown. They will be celebrating their 7th anniversary of their dance company. The choreographers are Ruben and Dawn (directors of the professional team), with Josh Davis and Melanie Rivera. I'm not sure the names of the last couple so hopefully someone can submit them too. You can find more info at the website: .

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