Pedro Navaja - Ruben Blades (Live)

I found another great classic on YouTube. This is the famous song by Ruben Blades, called 'Pedro Navaja', which I can bet you've heard at some point in your salsa lifetime. :-). Now, first of all - this is an OLD video (because Ruben Blades is so young in it). Second, if you don't know - Pedro Navaja means 'Peter Knife' (or some 'Mack the Knife'). Its the story of a day in the neighborhood. The song is about a person named Peter, who tries to rob a prostitute because its been a 'slow' day. What happens is that the prostitute ends up having a gun - and well, they both die. Yep - that's the whole story. Yet, it sounds like a happy song! But trust me, one of the main reasons this song is famous (at least why I like it) its because the lyrics really just describe a scene of a day in life of 'back in the old days'. Actually it reminds me a lot of my youth in Puerto Rico in the old towns (actually where my mom grew up in - Utuado, Puerto Rico). Anyways, enjoy! (If you want, you can google up the lyrics if you are realy interested).