Salsa Birthday Dances - so everyone can celebrate!

Well, if you don't know the regular salsa tradition - it's Salsa Birthday Dances. If you haven't had one, well - you should start the tradition where your local dance scene is located. This birthday dance was really taken from the swing world (so its not unique to salsa).A salsa birthday dance is very simple: The person who's birthday it is, is placed in the center of the circle. Then, all the other dancers dance around the birthday boy/girl for a pretty long song. Then each dancer on the outside takes turns with dancing with the birthday person in the middle of the circle. When the birthday person is female - it takes a some skill from the outer dancers because they must have learned how to switch in a middle of a dance. (When one male dancer passes the girl to another male dancer during a pattern). When it is the birthday of a male person, its pretty hard for them because since most of the outer dancers are females (and for some reason they are not assertive enough to go in and switch) he has to decide what girl to dance with next. It reminds me of my birthday dances - they were a lot of hard work. Anyway, I thought I'd share some fun salsa videos of birthday dances, so you can see how they are if you have never seen one before.