How do you know if she's faking it on the dance floor?

You are leading her through your best turn patterns, you seem to have a great connection, and she is smiling and laughing. That means she's having a great time right? But then how do we reconcile these comments… (taken from our discussion board)<ul><li>"When a guy makes a mistake I try to smile to give him encouragement."</li><li>"I always smile, even when the guy isn't very fun to dance with. You never know what other guys are watching…"</li><li>"Sometimes when a guy doesn't lead me correctly I laugh it off - it's best to have a sense of humor about our mistakes, right?"</li></ul>Now you might be saying:"AAAAhhhhhh but wait! I thought that smiling and laughing meant that my combos made her happy and she liked them and me…you mean to tell me she's been FAKING IT??"While we are sure all of our visitors are great dancers, it is understood that we all should be polite to all dancer levels (beginners - advanced) in the salsa scene. However, to provide you with a more clear perspective on your performance, here are some surefire ways to tell that a follow really enjoys dancing with you whether it's for your combos, or just because she enjoys floor time with you, and isn't just pretending to have fun:<h4>She compliments you</h4>If the dance was just mediocre, ladies won't go out of their way to compliment you(e.g., "That was awesome! You've got some nice combos" or "that was really fun!").Keep in mind, however, that if you've already told her you are just a beginner, then these could just be words of encouragement.<h4>She asks your name after the dance</h4>This means she does NOT want you to forget her! What she is really hoping for is for you to ask her name (that would mean that someone she considers to be a great dancer also thinks highly of her). When you've been introduced, there is a greater likelihood that the two of you will dance again, and she is trying to increase those odds.<h4>She thanks you very enthusiastically</h4>Compare an elaborate thank you to a half-muttered, "thanks" as she walks away(e.g., "No really…thank YOU"). The elaborate version is genuine and passionate - she appreciates your dance because you were either 1) a great dancer and/or 2) really fun to dance with. The more enthusiastic her thank you, the more likely you are both 1) and 2).<h4>She asks you to save her a dance, or asks you to dance later in the night</h4>The latter is probably the most surefire sign that she thoroughly enjoys dancing with you, but the former is also a good sign. Whether she says "save me a dance later" because she is taking a break or directly after a fun dance with you does not matter: ladies will rarely say "save me a dance" if they do not like to dance with you. Remember that ladies aren't used to asking for a dance, therefore it is a good sign when they ask you!<h4>She always says yes to dance with you (and it's not out of social obligation)</h4>Hopefully you get a "yes, I'd love to!" instead of "yeah, sure." The latter implies, "well, I was taking a break, or looking for someone else, but I guess since you asked me….". Another good indicator is if she looks like she was taking a break, or on her way to the restroom, and she still says yes to dance with you - this means she doesn't want to pass up a great opportunity!<h4>She smiles or laughs AFTER SOMETHING HAS GONE WELL.</h4>Be really careful interpreting this one - lots of people use laughter/smiles when they are embarrassed, don't know how to react, to make light of a bad situation, or because they think others are watching. But if the happiness is constant, or comes directly after you've made a great move, then you know she is enjoying the dance.Be careful guys, that smile could be an attempt to make light of a bad situation. She might be having a great time…but she might also be FAKING IT!Thanks to all the participants of this exciting topic on the discussion board! Please add on in the comments below: ladies, what other signs do you give guys? And GUYS, you fake it too! Let us know what you do if you find yourself in a less than ideal situation on the floor.