Salsa Fitness and Working out - nope, its not what you think.

To tell you the truth, I find dancers (female) very sexy. For some reason most of them who end up being hardcore dancers are in amazingly great shape. Of course you can notice from the waist down on how their legs are just completely toned (and other parts too). Now, I think to myself how much dancing does one have to do to make it a complete fitness exercise? Well, I'm no doctor so I won't answer that question. However, I sometimes think it is false advertising when you say 'salsa aerobics' and they don't really put at least some of the fundamentals of salsa into the workout. Why do I say this? In some of these videos, they end up doing the salsa workout to merengue music. Of course, I'm very picky and because I am an evangelist (or purist), and therefore it drives me crazy when they do this. I sometimes worry that people watch these videos and end up thinking that this is what REAL salsa looks like… Now, this is what I consider a real salsa workout. Try and move your feet this fast and to the flips/tricks this fast and cleanly - and you are on your way to loosing a couple pounds. (Disclaimer: These statements have not been approved by the FDA or any other institution that can protect my liability).