I want to advocate self-awareness as a primary step to improving our dancing abilities. We are quick to criticize other people and it's easy for us to judge visual tasks. However, we lack self-perception. It is hard for beginners to dance while looking at the mirror and it is strange to see ourselves on video. Too often we focus on expanding our vocabulary of moves or on improving our spinning technique when some of us don't even have the timing down. Its like putting icing on a hot cake. So here are the issues I would like to discuss:1) In what ways are people not self-aware?2) How can they become self-aware?I, for one, love the music and have focused on timing since it was so hard for me at first, especially on2. I initially tried to get lots of move down, so I could go out and just dance. Now I try to take each move and make it golden, smooth, fun, and flavorful. But lately, I have asked other people what I could do to improve. And seeing myself on video definitely puts things in perspective. It turns out that I lean forward (which is bad in so many ways, not least because my center of gravity must be all over the place) and I march the basic step. So I got a lot of work to do, but I am glad I became more aware of my primary flaws. In summary,1) People dont know that they are off time, they are rough with moves, they take big steps or they're upper body is super stiff.2) People need to ask for feedback and they need to video-tape themselves!Any opinions from you beginners and pros out there?