Salsa Musique Fantastique!

Well, in this episode of our salsa dance video lessons we take a further look some old salsa classics thanks to Karlos (aka 'Z'). We provide a little more jazzy selection for your enjoyment, so you can discover a variety of different salsa artists and styles. You might not like all the songs, but hopefully you'll find some treasures that will make you want to get to know a specific artist a little deeper.<ul><li>El Dulcerito Llego by Cuba L.A.</li><li>Cuando Te Vea by Tito Puente</li><li>Noche de Farra by Machito & His Afro-Cubans</li><li>Pica, Pica by Cortijo Y Su Combo</li><li>Que Sabroso by Jimmy Sabater</li><li>Swinging at the "M" by Bobby Montez</li><li>Wave by Willie Rosario</li></ul>Please remember that if you like a song or an artist - please support them by buying their album or music. We play these songs for you to discover these artists that otherwise will be without exposure. Support salsa music! Thanks.