The magic of the music from Hector Lavoe

Well, since I posted a "El Gran Combo" (my favorite band) video before, I decided to post one of my favorite songs from my favorite artist: "Hector Lavoe". Here he is singing one of my VERY favorite songs (ever) called "Alejate De Mi" - which means "Move away from me", "Stay away from me", or "Get away from me". Now, I'm probably a big sucker for old videos (the golden age of salsa), but I just love how they sound, and how they dressed - wishing I lived through those times. I specifically like this song very much because of the good timing for dance, mixture of descarga, solos and vocals - and especially lyrics. This is such a classic and it has the feel of a good classic salsa song - (not those modern sounding ones). Of course, Hector's voice just makes this song even greater with his own voice and improvisations (called 'descargas'). (iTunes). This is just a short clip of the whole song, but I recommend listening to the whole thing, and hopefully you'll see the magic of good lyrics, good rhythms, vocals, solos and descargas. Here is the full song for your enjoyment!