Salsa Tip #90 : Creating your own practice floor on a budget

So maybe you've been in this situation… You want to practice in your apartment or home, but its mainly carpet. Also, getting wooden floor panels costs too much. Well, there is a simple solution (thanks to Alex for this tip). Go to Staples or Office Max and get a couple of those plastic office floor matts. This makes it perfect because you get the smoothness of a regular dance floor, but with the portability of… well.. plastic sheets.You can lay multiple of them over an area (hopefully in front of a mirror so you can practice your footwork with your dance shoes - of course, without ruining your carpet. (Don't try high heels). Also, limiting yourself to 1 mat will help you get better at controlling your 'spread' which is the distance that your body moves when doing footwork. (Well, I call it the spread which is a investing (stock) term). That way when you are a club, you have learned how to do patterns, combos and footwork in very little space without hitting your dancing neighbors.